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Mystical Azerbaijan Set to Woo China

The strong relationship between China and Azerbaijan is set to bear fruits for the travel and tourism industry. 

Azerbaijan has been at the crossroads of history for millennia, with a rich history dating back 5,000 years. Its variety of novel experiences and several sites of interest make it an ideal destination for visiting families from China.


The Goal

Generating Demand for a Brand-New Destination

The challenges were two-fold. Azerbaijan was a completely new destination to Chinese travelers with limited options for airlines and travel packages.

In a landmark partnership with Azerbaijan Airlines, an opportunity for over 15,000 air seats was created for the destination.

To maximize load factor and drive incremental travel, we partnered with a leading wholesale operator to actively promote destination Azerbaijan to over 600 travel trade professionals.


The Solution

Sell-through of First-Ever Themed Azerbaijan Itineraries

To help facilitate the sell-through of new products via the travel trade industry, Azerbaijan’s “Take Another Look” launch inspired and sealed the deals. The team set out to ensure

  • Key ministry officials of turned up in full force to officiate the signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Design and development of 6 themed travel itineraries for Azerbaijan customized for the Chinese market.
  • A motivational kick off launch through an educational destination seminar to inspire the industry and facilitate sell-through.
  • Over 600 top travel trade partners received destination training.



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