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The Story

Bringing Southeast Asian Travelers to America

From the soaring skyscrapers of New York City to the gleaming display of Northern Lights in Alaska, the USA beckons with endless opportunities for sightseeing, adventure, food, culture and family bonding!

As Brand USA’s representative in Southeast Asia, our task was to spark Southeast Asians’ interest and desire for travel by promoting the USA as an exciting family-friendly destination. Together with the US Embassy Singapore and Changi Airport Group, we organized the Great American Vacation showcase at the world’s 6th busiest airport.

The Goal

Let’s Visit The USA!

The Solution (1)

Through carnival-style games and activities, we promoted the USA, its 50 states and the District of Columbia to Southeast Asians and highlighted many of the destination’s diverse attractions. At the same time, our aim was to generate awareness about America, portraying the destination in an enticing way that appeals to the target audience and drives travel.

The Solution

Fun, Food and Drinks for Everyone

The Solution 02

We conceptualized and planned a 21-day funfair filled with lots of fun games, food and interesting booths. Held at Changi Airport Terminal Three’s public departure hall, the showcase attracted both Singaporeans and international visitors to check out the larger-than-life displays, savor American food and drinks, and try out a variety of popular carnival games and rides.

The Solution 03

Visitors were encouraged to bring their American Dream to life with fun and interactive family-friendly activities featuring 11 different States – New York City, California, Texas, Minnesota, Washington D.C., Chicago, the State of Alaska, Seattle, Oregon, Illinois and Colorado.

The Solution 06

In addition to games, treats and educational insights, we worked closely with 14 tour operators to offer exciting USA travel deals. We also organized a lucky draw with prizes sponsored by United Airlines and Delta Airlines. 4 lucky winners got to walk away with two pairs of air tickets to the USA!

The Solution 05

The colorful showcase decked out in stars and stripes successfully generated a whopping 9.7 million visits and a PR value of 174,892 USD in 21 event days!

The Solution 07

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