An Offer No One Could Refuse

Target Audience: 50,000 AMEX Centurion and Platinum Cardholders


Million Sales Revenue


U.S. Partners


Transaction Growth


AMEX Mobile App Users

The Story

Creating Irresistible Deals!

An Offer No One Could Refuse - Airplane

As Brand USA’s representative in Taiwan, our task was to attract more Taiwanese to visit the U.S. Together with American Express International (AMEX), the world’s leading financial institution, we rolled out a digital campaign leveraging on AMEX’s extensive pool of high-net worth credit card subscribers to encourage them to make the USA their preferred holiday destination.

The Goal

Wealthy Visits the USA

The Story01

We wanted to promote the USA, its 50 states and the District of Columbia to the well-heeled in Taiwan and highlight some of the destination’s diverse attractions. At the same time, our aims were to create interest and awareness about the USA, portraying the destination in an enticing way that appeals to the target audience.

The Solution

A Non-Traditional Partnership

We struck a co-operation with AMEX to offer 50,000 Centurion and Platinum Taiwanese cardholders’ exclusive value-added U.S travel deals and exciting offers like winning vouchers and preferred hotel packages at Taiwan’s largest consumer travel fair in 2015, International Travel Fair (ITF).

The Solution - 3(1)

Through a three-month long direct e-mail and mobile app marketing campaign, we were able to convince high-net worth individuals to visit Brand USA’s exhibitors booths at ITF 2015, generating USD 6.83 million in total travel sales.

The Solution - 1

The Solution - 4

Additionally, Brand USA was able to concurrently provide marketing support to all Brand USA partners – China Airlines, EVA Air, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Destination DC, Explore Fairbanks, Visit Anchorage, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, San Francisco Travel, Visit California, Guam Visitors Bureau, Alaska Holidays, Marriot, Best Western PLUS Executive Inn, S.H. Tours and Alamo Rent-A-Car. Brand USA partners enjoyed complimentary advertorial features and mentions in AMEX’s marketing collaterals, resulting in a two-fold increase in transactions.

The co-operation was a success and we were able to boost advertising recall, brand loyalty and audience retention.

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